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The Path. Flash Fiction.

Bleh. Haven’t been great the last few weeks. Went to the doctors earlier tonight and got some blood drawn, I’ll find out in a few days if anything turns up. If there is inflammation I’ll most likely be put onto a course of steroids. On one hand it will help, on the other it also means things like moon face, night sweats, mood swings and ridiculous levels of hunger. Either way it’ll beat the symptoms which is something. Hopefully things will start settling down soon. Oh the wonders of Crohn’s.




Rose turned slowly, trying to figure out what had happened. She had been walking down the street, listening to music, she had grabbed her phone from her pocket and looked down to change the song, when she looked up again she wasn’t on the street. In front of her was a long, winding path that wound through darkness. She couldn’t see a source of light, nor could she see any walls or any end to the blackness. She took a tentative step forward and found the path still supported her weight. She moved forward slowly, testing the path each time before resting her weight on it. The further she walked the faster she went, wherever she was, whatever the path was made of it wasn’t going anywhere any time soon. She knew she should be scared, but there was no fear, no worry, just curiosity. As she walked she reached out towards the darkness, she expected her hand to hit something hard at the edge of the path but it moved past it freely. She pulled back her hand and moved more to the centre of the path. She wasn’t sure if she could fall off it or not but she had no plans to find out.

She had been walking for hours, her phone had died, the music cutting out suddenly. At first she didn’t mind its absence, there had been no signal so no hope of calling for help but as the time past she began to miss the music, it broke up the monotony of the journey. The silence seemed to press in on her from all sides, pushing her down. Her walking speed started to drop, it felt like she was wading forward, Rose tripped, stumbled, then landed hard, bright hot pain flared along her knees and palms. She picked herself up slowly, wincing as her ripped jeans tugged at the scrapes on her knees. She looked around, the cars were back, as were the houses and the people. There had been nothing to signal the change, no sudden blinding light, no rush of sound. The people walking past didn’t even glance in her direction, Rose limped to a low wall and sat down. Rose felt her phone vibrate, she pulled it from her pocket carefully, it had an almost full battery. She frowned, looking at the time and date, according to her phone she’d been walking that path for almost two days. Her phone started to buzz again as text messages came through along with missed call notifications. She read through them, then she took a deep breath and released it slowly. How the hell would she ever explain this? She frowned, explain what? Where had she been? She tried to think back, she had been walking, and it had been dark, was it night? It felt like trying to remember a dream. She winced as pain flared in her hand, she looked down at the scratches, how had she done that? It looked like she fell. Rose shook her head, panic finally starting to sink in, what had happened to her? Where had she been? She looked at her hands, hoping that something about them would trigger her memory but there was nothing, just a blank spot, she’d been walking along, she looked down to change the song, then she was sitting on this wall, palms and knees scratched up and no idea of what had happened in between.

Safety. Flash Fiction

Samantha wasn’t paying attention when it happened. She had her heard buried in her phone, texting Jason who seemed to be angling for a third date, but hadn’t quite come out and said it yet. Samantha was trying to think of the perfect witty reply when the woman in front of her let out a cry and fell over. Samantha rushed to her side, the woman groaned and sat up, “Are you ok?”
“Yeah, I think so. Damn shoes, I’m not used to heels these high.” The woman prodded at her ankle, “I don’t think I twisted it, though it feels a little tender”
Samantha helped the woman stand, she carefully put her weight down on it, “Well, it seems like there’s no real damage, thanks for helping me. I feel like a bit of an idiot.”
“Ah don’t, it happens to the best of us!”

Samantha felt a buzz in her pocket, she reached in for her phone, “Will you be ok?”
“Yeah, I’m fine, I might get a little bruise, but mostly I’m just glad there wasn’t anyone else around to see that.”
Samantha smiled, then took out her phone.

“Thanks again!”
“No bother.”

Samantha started walking and looked at her screen, there it was, finally, she started typing out a reply. Samantha collapsed as her entire body was flooded with pain, she writhed on the ground, teeth clenched. The woman was standing over her, taser gripped in one hand, “I’m sorry, I have to, he said if I didn’t…I’m sorry.” The woman reached in and tased her again.

A man stepped out from the bushes and onto the path. Samantha couldn’t see what he was doing as he moved around her, her muscles were starting to relax, so far she hadn’t screamed, she had only been able to make a faint whining sound. Something was shoved into her mouth, harsh and bitter. She tried to spit it out but before she could duct tape was over her mouth. The man quickly grabbed her arms and tied them behind her back along with her legs. He picked her up easily and carried her back into the bushes. The woman, who had spent her time nervously looking up and down the path for anyone who might stumble upon them followed. She slipped the taser back into her bag. She looked behind at the path one more, a thought flitted through her mind, so fast she almost didn’t register it. She should run. Now while he was distracted, run and get help for them both. She turned back and continued into the bushes. She wouldn’t be able to escape. She knew that, to think otherwise was stupid. He’d just catch her.

The woman joined the man and Samantha, she could see that the drugs were already starting to work, Samantha’s eyes looked unfocused, they moved slowly as she tried to look around. The man had placed Samantha down, he was standing over her, smiling. He looked at the woman, “you did a good job today.”
“Thank you, sir.”
“You’re very welcome. If you keep it up soon you’ll get your reward.”
The woman felt a shiver of anticipation move through her body, then felt it die as she looked at Samantha. Her reward was release, but would it be worth it after all this? This wasn’t the first woman they had taken together and it wouldn’t be the last. She didn’t know what he did with them, oh sure she could guess, but she didn’t know, nor did she want to. That wasn’t her concern. He kept her safe, he kept her fed, he looked after her and she only had to follow a few rules in return.