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Old St. Nick. Short Story / Happy Holidays!

Hey guys,

wanted to wish everyone a happy holidays and I hope everyone is having a wonderful time!

– Alan


Old St. Nick. Short Story.

Nick watched the house until the last light went out, then he waited a little longer. After half an hour he quietly opened his car door and stepped out into the snow, he paused to grab his red sack then gently shut the door behind himself. It was a lovely area, large towering trees lined the street, it was hard to make out what kind of tree they were in the dark but from his daytime visits he thought they were some kind of oak. Christmas lights flashed and blinked up and down the street, carefully stuck to houses or artfully wrapped around trees. Though snow covered the gardens he knew that the grass would be perfectly manicured and the flowerbeds would be perfectly tended come spring. He crossed the road, snow crunching underfoot and made his way down the side of the house and over the tall wall that blocked the front garden from the back. The back garden was a wide open space, trees lined the walls, blocking the neighbours from peering in. He was tempted to walk across the fresh, virginal snow but he restrained himself, maybe later, on his way out.

The decking was covered in snow which was thick enough to provide traction, wouldn’t do to take a nasty fall out here. He paused at the backdoor, long enough to pull a key from his pocket, he slid it into the lock and he turned it. The door opened with a faint but satisfying click, he eased it open slowly, if he pushed it too quickly it would make a single, high pitched shriek. The kitchen was dark and the warmth of the house washed over him. He wiped his feet on the mat then stepped onto the marble tiles. He crept across the kitchen and went into the sitting room. A tree was set up in one corner, covered in decorations and lights that sparkled faintly in the soft street light from outside, he could just make out the outline of presents stacked neatly beneath it. He moved to the fireplace, not bothering to turn on any lights, he’d been here enough to walk through the house blindfolded. At the fireplace he picked up the glass of milk, beside it was a plate with a few cookies and a carrot, he carried the milk back out of the sitting room, careful that it didn’t slip through his gloved fingers, in the kitchen he emptied the glass into the sink. He returned the empty glass to the sitting room then picked up the carrot and broke it in half, slipping half into his pocket and putting half back on the plate, before he grabbed a handful of cookies. Munching on one he shoved the rest into his pocket as he moved from the sitting room and began to climb the stairs. On the landing he glanced out the window and saw snow was starting to fall again, smiling he turned from the window and moved down to the fourth door on the left. He eased the door open, it opened smoothly now, gone was that annoying creak, it only took a little bit of oil applied during one of his previous visits. He could see Bob and Kelly beneath the blanket, two softly breathing lumps. They would look so innocent in their slumber, he knew that from previous visits too. But they weren’t innocent, they were quite firmly on his naughty list. He put his sack onto the ground and reached around inside for a second before pulling out a thick metal pipe. He had to be quick, in and out, that was the rule. He raised the pipe above his head and with a soft grunt brought it down hard on Kelly’s head. It connected with a heavy crack, Kelly didn’t move. Beside her Bob was starting to stir, not fully aware of what was happening just yet. Nick swung the pipe again, connecting squarely with Bob’s temple. There was a meaty thud this time, Bob’s eyes opened, he moaned something as he struggled against the blankets, Nick swung again and again, grunting with each strike, feeling the warm blood splash across his face. When he finished his white gloves and cuffs matched the red of his suit, his white beard was stained with gore. Breathing heavily he placed the pipe back into his sack, then he picked it up and left the room, closing the door gently as he went. On the landing he paused and listened, there were no sounds in the house, the kids were still sleeping. Good, what ever their parents had done, they were still innocent. He went down the stairs and out through the backdoor, not bothering to relock it behind himself.

Outside he breathed in deeply, enjoying the cold fresh air, snow was falling heavily now, great thick flakes that made everything look clean, new. He pulled the pipe from his bag and smiling to himself, swung it around the white snow covering it in splashes of red. Almost as soon as he was finished the blood was covered by snow. He climbed over the wall and quickly made his way across the street. He got into his car and stripped out of his clothes, he pulled the Santa beard from his face and shoved it into the sack, along with the wire glasses and the Santa costume he had been wearing. Once he was stripped and mostly cleaned he put on a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and a heavy jumper. Shivering in the cold he turned on the car, put the heating on full blast, then pulled out, it wouldn’t be long before the snow had filled in the tire tracks, it was supposed to snow until the morning. He flicked on the radio and found some Christmas music and singing along to it he drove off into the night.

Happy Birthday. Short Story.

Frank coughed, then cleared his throat. It had been at him all day, this persistent ticklish ache. Of course that was just what he needed right now, to be coming down with some kind of monster throat infection, it was only the first day and already it felt like it was building up to be a doozy. Despite the constant ache there wasn’t much phlegm which was a blessing. He took a sip of water then grimaced as it went down. He should have called off work today, but of course being his birthday he had convinced himself they’d think he was lying. After all he didn’t look particularly sick, his voice was raspy and quiet, but the fear was still there. He shook his head, it was a stupid thing to have been worried about, he could be home right now wrapped in a blanket and sipping something hot and soothing while watching some shitty TV. But no, instead he was stuck in his cubicle in his dead end job while he was sick on his birthday. He shook his head, it seemed to be a perfect way to sum up his entire life to this point. Maybe he should have gone through with it last night. What was the point of fighting if this was all there was? He had been ready to go but he had chickened out at the last minute, like some kind of loser. He thought of his parents again, they wouldn’t take it well, they’d blame themselves and he couldn’t put them through that. Never mind the few friends that stayed in contact with him. He knew he was dragging everyone else down so he tried not to bother them too much when he was down. They’d blame themselves too. Well, maybe one or two would. The rest would just be happy they didn’t have to deal with him anymore. They didn’t say anything, and they never would, but he could still tell.

At his break he grabbed a cup of hot chocolate, hoping it would do something to sooth his throat. His stomach was feeling off too and he wasn’t sure he would be able to handle any proper food. Instead he just sipped his drink and snacked on some crackers. Shortly after he finished lunch he went back to his cubicle and just sat. There was work to be done, but he just couldn’t bring himself to do it. He browsed the internet for a while, mostly out of boredom. As he expected no one noticed he was slacking. No one ever noticed him after all.

Just before quitting time the heavens opened and rain started to fall, lashing against the window in the harsh winds. Great. He hadn’t brought his umbrella with him. He groaned, sunny for the day my ass. After grabbing his things he stood inside the office door, looking out at the heavy rain, trying to decide what to do. He could walk home in about thirty minutes, or he could wait for the bus in the cold and rain. Sure there was a bus shelter, but the bus service itself was spotty at best and with the heavy winds he’d get soaked either way. He made his decision then stepped into the rain as the cold hit him he immediately he turned and walked towards the bus stop. If he walked home in this he’d be soaked through well before he got home and of course with the way things were going it’d probably turn what ever he had into full blown pneumonia.

He turned the corner and saw the bus at his stop, “shit!” Frank started running towards the bus, when he was about thirty feet away the door closed and it pulled out from the curb. “Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck.” There wouldn’t be another bus for at least another forty minutes, and that was if he was lucky. He sighed, he was already soaked now, he might as well just walk home.

The walk was worse than he imagined, he started shivering after a few minutes and hadn’t been able to stop. Even now in the lobby of his building his teeth were chattering heavily, shoes squelching with every step as water dripped from him. He got to the lifts and saw the ever welcome “Out of order” sign. Of course. He should have known. He turned and went towards the stairwell.

Finally at his door he put his key in the lock and turned it, the door swung open, “Surprise!” Frank jumped, dropping his keys. And there everyone was, he smiled, internally groaning. He just wanted to have a hot shower and go to bed. He debated kicking everyone out for a moment, then a party hat was being put on his head and a drink was thrust into his hands. Frank downed the drink, it burned as it went down, filling his belly with fire. He moved passed Julie, who had handed him the drink, and started thanking everyone.

Finally he had escaped, it had only taken five minutes but in his cold clothes it felt like forever. Outside the bathroom door he could hear the music and people chatting. He’d have to go back out there when he was done. He turned on the shower and stripped out of his clothes. The water felt as thought it was burning his cold skin, after a minute he could feel the warmth seeping into his bones.

After his shower he felt better, more human. He dried and dressed quickly, even his throat was feeling a little bit better. Outside he mingled with everyone, almost surprised to find he was having a good time. Everyone was joking and laughing, really enjoying themselves. At some point someone had ordered pizza, Frank grabbed a few slices and silenced his grumbling stomach. He was surprised at how much better he was feeling.

“Present time!” Frank plastered a smile onto his face, he always hated opening presents in front of people. Someone grabbed his shoulders and manoeuvred him to the couch. Julie came forward carrying a big box, Frank felt his throat ache suddenly. “This is from all of us.”
“Thank you, I don’t know what to say.”
“Well open it first!”
Frank looked at the big green box, wrapped beautifully and topped with a large red bow. His heart sped up a little, he had no idea what could be inside but already his mind was throwing out options. He reached forward and started to tear at the paper. He opened the lid of the box and reached inside. It was deeper than he expected and there seemed to be nothing, all the way until his hand reached the bottom. He felt something soft, he grasped it and pulled it out. It was a noose. “We made it ourselves!”
“Don’t you just love it!?”
“We knew it would be the perfect gift.”
“We know you already have one but we thought this one would be so much nicer. Isn’t that right guys?”
The crowd gave a cheer, in the corner he could see his parents holding each other, they were crying. When did they arrive?
“Well go on, try it out!”
Hands grabbed his arms and started dragging him towards his bedroom, he started struggling, but they were too strong. “Stop! What are you doing?”
They ignored him, their laughing and jeering growing louder. His bedroom door loomed before him. “No, I don’t want to go in there! No!”
The door banged open and the hands pushed him forward, Frank stumbled then fell to his knees. He looked up and gasped. There he was, hanging by his neck, eyes open and staring. His throat cramped painfully, it felt like it had closed entirely, he couldn’t breathe. The laughter behind him turned to wails and sobs. He turned to look at his friend, his family. The crowd had swelled, too many people to fit in his small apartment, let alone for him to be able to see them all, but he could. Each and every face. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to. I’m sorry.”
“It’s done.”
Someone snatched the noose from his hands, suddenly it was thrown around his neck. He grabbed at it, trying to pull it loose, bit it just became tighter. Someone was lifting him, he gasped and choked as his legs left the ground. His throat felt as though it was on fire.

Frank woke suddenly as his alarm blared, he coughed then turned it off. He rubbed at his throat, of course he was getting sick, and on his birthday to boot. He looked at the phone, should he call in? No. They’d think he was lying to get the day off, he’d just have to deal with it. He got out of bed and stumbled to the bathroom, already he could tell it was going to be an awful day.

Happy Birthday. Short Story.

Johnny poured himself another drink. It was his third, no, fourth, in less than an hour. He had a strong, mellow buzz going and though he hadn’t quite tipped over from tipsy to drunk, he knew it was only a matter of time. He took a sip of his drink and sighed, he would slow it down now, make this one last. He stood, stumbled and balanced himself, he let out a brief chuckle then walked into the kitchen, not noticing as he weaved back and forth. It was time for dinner, but what would he have? He opened the fridge and looked at the food, nothing jumped out at him. Everything needed to be cooked, he didn’t want to cook today, today was not a day for cooking, it was a day for fast, easy. He considered ordering in, but decided against it. He didn’t want to deal with people today. He never did. He checked the freezer and found what he was looking for, an oven pizza. He unboxed it and placed it into the oven carefully. He turned it on, then double checked to make sure it was, in fact, on. Last year he had waited over an hour for his food to finish before realising the oven wasn’t actually on. He wouldn’t make that mistake again.

He had planned to get some food into the house, some quick and easy food, but he had been too busy. Work had been a bitch the last few days and on the way home today he just couldn’t face going into the supermarket. With the pizza safely in the oven and the timer set he stumbled back into his sitting room and flopped down onto the comfortable couch. He settled himself for a moment then turned on the TV, he flicked around until he found a movie, something with explosions and fast cars. He didn’t really care, it was just something he could dip in and out of, noise so he didn’t feel lonely. His phone buzzed, he ignored it. He didn’t need to look to know who was texting him, of course it would be Becky, his sister. The bitch. She only ever texted him twice a year. He only texted her twice too, once as a generic fuck you, and the other as a generic Happy Christmas. He would text her later on, but not now, it would be after a few more drinks, once he was nice and drunk.

He hauled himself from the couch and stumbled back to the kitchen, the timer was beeping frantically, he switched it off and took the pizza out of the oven, carefully pulling it out with the pizza cutter. He cut it and grabbed a glass for himself, what ever about getting drunk, pizza always needed to be eaten with a glass of ice cold Coke close at hand. After getting his drink he grabbed the food and went back into the sitting room, sitting down again to watch the movie. It wasn’t as bad as he had expected, he watched as he ate. When he was done he looked at the empty plate and considered putting on more food, he was still feeling hungry. He shook his head, no, he was full, he had to be, he ate an entire pizza. He put his plate onto the small coffee table and lay back, he would go get more food in a bit. There was some chocolate hiding somewhere in the cupboards, he could have that, maybe throw on some onion rings he had seen in the freezer. He took a sip of Coke, then a sip of booze. He sighed and settled in.

His phone buzzed again, damn text. He picked it up and opened it, it was brief, they always were, “Hope you’re having a good birthday!” Bitch. He squinted, trying to see better and typed out a message. “You know I’m not but the booze helps.” He read over it three times to make sure it was spelled right, then he clicked send. She was the only person who knew when his birthday was since their parents died. He never mentioned it to anyone else, always let the day just go by. He hated his birthdays, they were always awful, always ruined. From the first birthday he remembered, him crying in front of a destroyed cake as his parents screamed at each other, to the one where he tried to kiss Sally Miller during spin the bottle and she slapped him, to his twenty first, where he sat alone in a pub, waiting for his so called friends to show, knowing that they probably wouldn’t.

This was the way people should celebrate birthdays, alone, no expectations. That way you can’t be disappointed by it all. Tomorrow was always the best day, the day where he didn’t have to think or worry about his birthday for another entire year. Now though, now was the time to just let it all go. He took another gulp of his drink, his phone buzzed again, he picked it up, another message from Becky, he frowned, normally he got no response. His finger hovered over it, did he want to read it? No. He didn’t. He turned his phone off and threw it over to the other chair. There. No one else could bother him. Good. He took another drink.

When it was finally time for bed he pulled himself out of the warm grip of the couch and made his way towards the stairs, as he went he trailed one arm along the wall for balance. The stairs were difficult to master, they kept shifting on him, tilting ever so slightly to throw him off balance. He paused at the bathroom for a piss, then stumbled to his room where he collapsed onto his bed. He didn’t bother stripping out of his clothes, it was too much effort. He rolled over onto his side and decided to get under the covers, he reached out and grabbed a fist of his duvet, but passed out before he could drag it over himself.

He woke the next morning to a steady, deep pounding in his head, his stomach a rolling ball of nausea. He groaned as he sat up, lying there would do nothing for him. His cure for hangovers always worked, he just needed to get moving and he would be fine. He stumbled to the bathroom and turned on the faucet at the sink, he leaned over and gripping the sink tightly, took a few gulps of water. His stomach clenched once, then settled a little. Feeling shaky he stripped out of his clothes and hopped into the shower, once there he turned on the water full blast, suppressing a shriek as the icy water hit him. After a minute the water started to warm up and he quickly washed himself. Once washed he got out of the shower, then he dried and dressed himself.

Downstairs he poured some oil into the pan, then threw on a few strips of bacon, while they sizzled he grabbed out the eggs, he cut up some tomato and threw it into the pan, along with some mushrooms, then he cracked two eggs over it all. When it was done cooking he sat down with some toast and started eating. When he was done his stomach had settled and his headache was almost completely gone.

He turned his phone on and looked at the unread message. After a minute of debating he deleted it. Nothing good would come from it. She would want to reconnect, or she would try to start a fight. He didn’t want to be a part of either options. He put his phone down and tidied up the sitting room. One birthday down, god only knew how many more to go.

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas!

Just thought I would take a moment between the frantic running about that is christmas day to wish you and yours an amazing christmas or an amazing Sunday if you don’t celebrate christmas!

Whether you’re opening presents/watching them being opened,running around trying to get dinner ready, just getting ready in general (no lazing in pyjamas for you!) or simply relaxing, I hope the day will be everything you want it to be.

I’m now off to visit relatives and gorge on finger food before returning home to finish making dessert and to then gorge on christmas dinner.

Oh christmas, the one time calories don’t count.

See you tomorrow with a new story!

– Alan.