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Hello, welcome, come in, take a seat and get comfortable.copy-copy-photograph1.jpg

This is The Procrastination Station.

I’ll be your host, I’m Alan, nice to meet you, I’m 25 and considered certifiably sane. (Certificate available on request, though it will probably get lost in the post. Again.)

I originally started with a WordPress blog in 2011, a place for me to post my short stories. The blog was a way for me to increase my writing output. In the beginning, the plan was to post three new short stories every week, however, I started a story that I didn’t want to finish, so I decided to continue the story every Friday. This story, Guess What? The Universe Hates You, turned into the first series on the blog and it was completed at 90,000 words. I have now finished 3 series.

There is no real specific genre on this site, I tend to cross over a few things, depending on my mood, as such, I have included a list of genres at the side of the page, each story has been tagged for its appropriate place. Usually I stick to horror and mild sci-fi, occasionally straying into stronger sci-fi, drama, thriller and of course, more horror. It calls to me. Late at night in the darkness, a gentle whisper that- Wait. I’m sorry. I don’t mean to ramble. That happens sometimes (I would now like to point out there are no refunds and the doors automatically lock.)

To date I have written and posted over 650 short stories and three separate series. My goal is to post at least 1,000 short stories on this site. Every 20 short stories are collected into an Ebook, which has become the Whispers in the Shadows series.

I have a B.A. Hons in English and Classical Studies and I have completed a Masters in Creative Writing where I was awarded a first. On a more personal note, I am still 25years old and currently live in Dublin, Ireland (At least it looks like it is from the barred windows.) I have one dog, Jessie, a nightmare in black. There is also a second dog in the family, who is currently being held hostage by my sister. We will get him back some day.

So click around, explore, try not to break anything and remember, you should tell everyone about it. Because it’s awesome. No really. Go. Go now. I’ll wait. Trust me, they’ll thank you for bugging them unmercifully.

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